Hout Bay is a seaside neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa with a vibrant, mountainous coastline.

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Cocktail Culture

Flavorful Sips of Gin

In a special location near Cape Point, travelers can join Veld and Sea on an adventurous discovery of the local ingredients that contribute to the thriving gin industry, home to Geometric Gin served in the AC Lounge®’s ACGT.

Fine botanicals and spices unique to the Fynbos Floral Kingdom, one of only six floristic kingdoms in the world, are a local source of flavors due to the wide array of species within its floral family. After touring the edible landscape to harvest ingredients, travelers are led to the Good Hope Nursery for a mixology masterclass.

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Local Cape Town Distillery

“Geometric Gin is created by botanically-driven libations, expertly structured flavours sapped from nature.”

– Jean-Baptiste Cristini, Founder of Geometric Gin Distillery

Walk among the fynbos to discover aroma, edible and medicinal flora.

Fresh ingredients are muddled and mixed to create flavorful sips of gin for cocktail making.

Flavorful gin is used to craft perfectly precise AC Gin Tonics, which are served in the AC Lounge®.

Well-Crafted Cocktails

The AC Gin Tonic

Served in a custom-engineered glass with etchings that discreetly guide the perfect ratio of ingredients, the ACGT takes on a local twist with Geometric Gin.

Heathery fynbos paired with neutral and fine grape spirits create flavors unique to the mountainous garden of the Western Cape. With every sip, travelers can enjoy a precisely crafted cocktail.

Online Photo Gallery

Photographer Luke Beard

Landscape, Design & Architecture

This online photo gallery showcases the design and landscape of Cape Town, South Africa captured by Atlanta-based photographer Luke Beard, during his stay with AC Hotel Cape Town Waterfront. Unpack the design moments throughout the hotel that speak to modern, design-centric travelers.

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About the AC Experience

“So much of your energy is lost in the clutter and chaos of travel. After a long day of enriching exploration, returning to the hotel was effortless.”

– Photographer Luke Beard

Geometric designs create soft patterns of light that slow dance across the hotel lobby.

Online Photo Gallery

with Photographer Luke Beard

Quiet reflections of the AC Hotel architecture ripple with the sunset.

Guest rooms have unmatched views of the iconic Table Mountain, Lion’s Head or Signal Hill.

As you turn the corner, you’ll find surprising attention to detail like a curated collection of local art.

Experience the enticing juxtaposition of old and new architecture.

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At AC Hotels, we enjoy uncovering innovative art, design, architecture and cultural experiences with like-minded individuals in cities around the world. 

Founder & Gin Maker

Jean-Baptiste Cristini

Born and raised in the Cape to a South African mother and French father, Jean-Baptiste has been enthralled by wine since his early teens. He pursued his passion and founded Geometric Drinks Company.
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Founder & Photographer

Luke Beard

An Atlanta-based photographer hailing from the UK, Luke is a photographer, product builder, and founder of the visual storytelling platform Exposure.
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Founder & Videographer

David Mynard

A London-based video producer and director, Dave Mynard is the founder and Managing Director of Stepping Stone Media.
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